• Tour Resources
  • Tour Brochure
    Here is a link to the official tour brochure. It is all the information on the website put together in written form. Share the news!
  • Registration Form
    Download and fill out the Registration Form. Mail it to IGM with the deposit and you'll be ready to go! You may call in your deposit and fax or email the form as well.
  • Holy Land Jargon: 13 Phrases to Know Before You Go!
    When you visit the Holy Land, there are 13 expressions you’ll hear that might get you scratching your head. Here is a handy guide to wade through the local lingo.
  • Bibliography for Travel to Israel
    Here is a helpful list of resources to enrich your preparation for any upcoming trip to Israel and the region.
  • Why Go To Israel?
    Written by a seasoned tour leader from The Master's College, learn how to select the tour group -- and itinerary -- just for you.
  • Why IGM?
    Why do I choose to use IGM as the tour company for my trips to Israel? It's a very simple really. Check out the link.
  • Is It Safe to Go to Israel?
    Here is it -- just what you've been looking for....nothing but the facts about traveling to Israel. And, how safe is it these days anyway?
  • Israel Travel Safety
    Written from a slightly different perspective, this document will explain the procedures we take and recommend that all may enjoy a safe and significant traveling experience in the Middle East.
  • Eight Tips to Maximize Your Israel Tour
    So, you are on your way to Israel? Then get the most out of your investment by following some very sage advice.