I think I shall try to be brief today.   It was a great day.  It is our last day of touring – and we have a 3:30 am wakeup call – so I’d best hit the sack soon.  We grudgingly left Petra at 8:30 this morning.  There was not much really on our itinerary – except to travel down the King’s Highway to the Dead Sea.  There were several great lookout points from which we saw deep gorges – like the Grand Canyon sort of – which became the borders between Edom and Moab, and Moab and Ammon.  It was interesting – but a long drive.

We had lunch at the edge of one gorge – so we ate in Moab and looked north at Ammon.  It was a great place with lots of character – and good food actually.

We drove by Madaba (again) and Mt. Nebo (again).  The view was not nearly as clear as Monday, so we were glad we had stopped on the way to Petra.  Besides, we were ready to get to the hotel and into the Dead Sea again.

We got to the hotel about 3 pm.  A little reorganization on my end – and then off to the beach.  They provide free “mud” here – so we all smeared it all over us and then let it dry.  Then…into the water.  It is a bit of a different experience on this side, well, a private beach helps too.  But the water is much deeper right from the start which is almost easier to get into the water.

I floated for a while – then had a dip in one of the several pools on the hotel grounds themselves.  We really should just spend a day here in order to relax and enjoy the amenities.  It’s a great resort – and warm, but not too warm today.

Had a feast for dinner – a very nice meal for the last night of the tour.  Everyone ate and ate and ate.

After dinner, Seanna, Kelly, Jeff, and I headed down to the beach again to get one final glimpse of the Dead Sea, with Israel beyond.  It was half an hour which really put a cherry on top of this trip.  The sun was already down by the time we got there, but the glow of the sun silhouetted the Mt. of Olives.  You could clear see the three towers on top of the Mt. of Olives.  It was AMAZING.  And you could clearly see Herodium as well.  It was just breathtaking. The waters of the Dead Sea were as calm as glass and the colors beautiful.  We stayed for along time and just didn’t want to leave.  We took a ton of pictures, none of which will probably catch the moment.  It was beautiful.

Finally, we bid farewell to Jerusalem as the lights of the city began to glow on the hills surrounding it.  Now the work of finishing up the packing and getting into bed.  4 am wakeup call for me (I delayed mine).  We thought our flight was 7:40, but it is really 7, so we have to get a move on in the morning and cannot be late.  We shall see…..

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