2:24 pm
Gloria Hotel, Jaffa Gate

I am back from a light lunch and morning of “adventure.”  Not the kind of adventure I was hoping for, but an expensive adventure, nonetheless.  In the middle of the night (3 am or so) I woke up with terrible chills.  Now, the rooms is not every cold, so that was odd.  I couldn’t stop.  That is unnerving so far from home and with a tour beginning in a day – and having been to Uganda.

In the morning I emailed my guide – and he made a suggestion as to where to go.  My wife was insisting I go.  But I had to pack up all my stuff first so it could be moved down the street to a different hotel (same owner, different property).  I was not very energetic at all.  Lethargic.  Dizzy.  Oh, this was going to be fun.

I ate a very light breakfast and finished up in the room.  Well, there was one travel story yet to unfold.  I couldn’t find my “wallet” with all my credit cards.  Really?  Without that wallet there was no way I could go to the doctor.  I used it last getting some Israeli Shekels at an exchange yesterday.  Could I have dropped it?

Everything goes through your mind.  Retrace the steps and use of it.  And then I unpacked my backpack.  Then my carry-on.  Then….the entire suitcase.  I really need to fine the credit cards. I never did.  And then it struck me – maybe I zipped it into the back pocket of the pants I just sent in to be cleaned.  So I lugged my suitcases downstairs (why go twice when you fell like I do?).  I asked the gal behind the desk if the laundry had gone out.  It hadn’t.  Whew.    But….she was doing some other things and didn’t like jump right to find it.

And then I reached back to the shorts I was wearing (all other pants are in the laundry). There was something back there.  My modem and….my wallet.  Are you kidding me?  What a relief.  That was a  wonderful moment.  Yes, I’m an idiot.  But at least I didn’t loose my credit cards (and cash) in the Old City.  Praise the Lord.  I’m just stupid, nothing more.
Then I walked to the Jaffa Gate.  The taxis didn’t want my fare and sent me down at the bottom of the hill outside the gate.  Oh well.  Found a taxi – he was a really nice guy.  Took me to the clinic.

Let me tell you, going to the doctor is a foreign country is an experience.  One I hope to never repeat.  Apparently, walk-ins have to be there by 9.  It was now 9:10 (darn “lost” wallet).  But she made me an appointment for 11:45.  There was a coffee shop downstairs.  That’s not my style.  I figured some fresh air couldn’t hurt.  It’ this large complex with NO OUTSIDE SEATING. Are you kidding me?  So I sat on the steps made of pebble rocks and waiting.  I listened to two episodes of “Crime Junkies” – a podcast.  That helped.  So that was 90 minutes.  By then it was approached 11.  Figured I’d go back up to the waiting room, maybe I’ll get in early.

I sat there waiting until 12:30.  Decided I should ask how far behind they were.  Well, they acted like I was from Mars.  Well, we tried to find you – your appointment was at 11:45.  Yes, I know.  Well, you didn’t check in.  I was sitting RIGHT THERE – and the ONLY ONE SITTING RIGHT THERE….for a very long time.  I was here by 11.  They couldn’t find the appointment, but then I think they did.  They said…ok, we will get you in at 1.  I didn’t say anything.  Someone at the desk said something in Hebrew and they contacted the doctor and within five minutes I was in her office.

And when I say “in her office” I literally mean….IN HER OFFICE.  I was in a doctor office (does my doctor even have one?).  Books, desk, chair.  An out of date exam table was tucked into what could have been a closet (with no doors).  She asked a bunch of questions.  I answered them.  She was a Brit and very nice.

From what I learned in observing the office, you can message you doctor.  And they will call you back.  Really?  Wow.  It is all very different.  She ended up ordering a blood test or tool – and I can call in the morning for the results (or I’m getting an email tonight).  They did not want my US cell number – must cost for them.  Guess I could have given them my What’s App number.  They didn’t ask.

And that was that.  It was a BUNCH of shekels – but the credit card had been found.  I got a taxi back to the Gloria and have a lovely new room.  It’s just for tonight.  But….since I helped them out with this – I can stay in the room until 4 pm tomorrow.  The tour guide and driver will pick us up outside the Jaffa Gate at 4:45.  So that is perfect.  I can relax even some more.  The Kortlangs arrive after midnight tonight – so we can see what’ they will want to do tomorrow.  Pray I feel like doing something.  Ha.

I want to walk the wall.   But that path of wisdom says I probably ought to lay low and let this virus run its course.  The marathon begins tomorrow afternoon.


9:03 pm

Not much else happened today. I did get a lovely nap in my much larger bed here at the Gloria.  I drank lots of water.  Even a Gatorade.  Went up to the roof as the sun was setting and enjoyed some views of Jerusalem.  I strolled back down to my former “home” for dinner.  The food there was delicious – and I enjoyed their salmon once again.
I then strolled the Mamilla Mall just across the street and came back to my room.  Time to head to bed.  The first of the tour folk arrive tonight after midnight.  The rest tomorrow at 5:45 pm.  I’ll be at the airport waiting.  It all starts.  A trip through the land.

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