8:38 pm

I’m in bed and not feeling all that great tonight.  So I will keep this brief (besides I didn’t do too much).  My first appointment for the day was a massage at The David Citadel hotel.  It’s a short walk from where I’m staying and got great reviews on Yelp.  I had a 9:00 am appointment.  And….it was wonderful.

At the end Avi (the masseuse) said that I was a mess.  Like I didn’t know that?  So he said to drink plenty of fluids today and take it easy.  Nothing strenuous.  Really?

I went home via the Garden Tomb – just to do some special request shopping for my bride, just in case it is crowded when the group gets there I a couple of weeks.  The place was pretty bustling.  So I shopped first – then decided to wander about the garden a bit.  And….the tomb was empty.  Well, yes, of course it was empty.  But there were no tourists peering in.  No mobs waiting in line.  So I decided to head down there.  I got about five minutes alone in the empty tomb. Those were some very special moments.  I loved it. And, of course, thought of all the recent funerals at church.  Wow.  Our hope is all-in that the tomb was empty on that first day of the week.

I wandered around the Garden a bit more. And then left.  Walked back through the Old City to my hotel.  When I got back they called me to the desk.  The owner was there (I know him from Hotel Gloria).  He wondered if perhaps I would be willing to move to the Gloria tomorrow.  They are having room issues and they need my room.  Sure.  Why not?  They will move my stuff for me (I have to pack it).  It’s a deal.  Why would I care?

Then I laid around the room until lunch.  Search for the best shawarma in the Old City.  No search results.  But there was a place just near my hotel with rave reviews.  And you eat outside backed up to the wall.  So I have it a try.
The food was, as promised, delicious.  I had hummus with chicken on top – and tons of pine nuts.  And pita, of course.  It was really, really good.  No shawarma.  But this was great.

Came back to the hotel and laid low some more.  Then I decided I really needed to get out.  So about 6 pm I headed out for a city walk.  I brought my new camera to take some pix when the light is most interesting.

I walked through the Old City, meandering down some new streets.  Across the Western Wall plaza and out the Dung Gate.  Then down to view the Kidron Valley (and some new excavations at the City of David).  Down the promenade to view the Kidron and the churches and gardens beyond.  It was a lovely evening as the sun was setting.  I tried to get some creative shots.  Not sure it worked, but I tried.

Then back (uphill mostly) through the city (entered at the Lion’s Gate) and back to the hotel.  I was beat when I got back.  Tired and just worn out.  So I’m not feeling too great tonight.  I went to dinner because I had do…I mean it’s dinnertime.  The waiter told me dinner would be later tomorrow night (it is based on the groups).  I said I’m getting kicked out and will be at The Gloria. He said come back anyway – the food is better here.  It is.  So I probably will.  I mean they are owned by the same family.  So why not?  I have an invite.

That was my very exciting day.  Down time is needed as I’ll be shepherding 17 through The Land in just a couple of days (Thursday early evening, my time).  Hoping and praying for along and restful night of sleep.

Oh yes, the rest of the Bombo team should be landing in Dubai in about an hour.  Overnight in Dubai and then the 16 hour flight home, landing at LAX around 2 pm on Wednesday.

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