5:49 pm

Steps – 15,734
Miles – 6.57

With a shorter day, we don’t skip on the walking.  Just so you know.  We had no bus today since we spent the morning/day in Petra.  The sky was not blue today and there were cool winds blowing – so the cloud cover and breezes made the day much more tolerable.

But, I can’t get ahead of myself.  Because when you are at the Movenpick, you can’t skip breakfast.  The breakfast buffet is amazing and delicious.  The fresh omelets are delicious – and I can’t even remember all the good stuff they put out.  It is interesting that there are no fresh veggies out any more.  That must be an Israeli thing. 

We met up in the lobby at 8:00 to begin our trek into Petra.  They are doing a bit of construction at the entrance, a brand new museum apparently.  Overall, there we so many sellers of “stuff” all over Petra.  The kids just pester all the time.  And there are horse rides and camel rides and carriage rides.  None of them very attractive anyway.  And our guide REALLY discouraged us from eating in Petra.  So we snagged some fruit at breakfast and brought our snacks.  He said we could eat lunch back at the hotel, not sure if anyone did.  I ate snacks and a coke with some others at the heart of Petra (the very end of the grand walk).

Not really sure what to say about the day.  We walked a lot.  Saw a bunch of donkeys.  Many tombs.  More donkeys.  Camels.  Tombs.  Carriages.  Tombs.  People.  Makeshift shops.  Tombs.  The Treasury.  And….we ran into our guide from the trip – Ruby!  That was fun.

I enjoyed snacks with half our group with a Diet Coke.  It was interesting that the restaurant we usually eat at was empty.  Empty.  It is usually packed.  But the food is not that good, so our snacks were just fine.  And sitting was even better.

Walked out with Kevin, Luann, and Mark.  Nice slow pace.  For those who know….we did NOT go up to visit the monastery way, way up in the hills.  No takers this trip.  I think we are all worn out from Jerusalem.

Dinner is at 7:00.  That’ll be a wonderful treat again.  The food here is so good.  Who knows what will happen after that.  We shall see…..


8:08 pm

Steps – 17,227
Miles – 7.29

Done with dinner.  It was amazing.  In case you must know – I had leg of lamb (after a plate of fresh veggies and salad).  Only one roll.  Only one trip to the dessert bar (white chocolate mousse and something else small).  Delicious.  Not going out on the town tonight (didn’t get any invites).  So a quiet evening in my room to pack up and get ready for the journey south in the morning.  Home is getting to sound good.

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