What a great and long and exhausting day! We deftly picked our spots to stop to avoid the massive crowds and enjoy just a very special day. We started the day at Tabgha, where perhaps Jesus fed the disciples after the resurrection -- but at least we got a few moments of quiet there along the shores of the Sea.

Then to Kursi, where there in the land of the Gadarenes Jesus cast the legion into the swine. Then to Bethsaida (the only bus there!) for reading and then baptisms. It was a stroke of genius by our guide to suggest baptism
s there, north of the Sea of Galilee. So much less commercial than the regular place. We had a very special time in a setting with the feel of authenticity.

Lunch (it was next after we ditched a completely full parking lot at Capernaum) St. Peter's fish by the Sea of Galilee! Then to a much less crowded Capernaum and then to the Mt. of the Beatitudes -- where we were the only bus in the lot when we arrived. Amazing.

Then to the 2,000 year old "Jesus Boat" at Nof Ginosaur and then onto the Sea of Galilee for some very special moments together.

A feast for dinner -- and I think we are all heading to bed early. We are exhausted. Thrilled. Stimulated. Encouraged. But exhausted. Tomorrow we head north. Can't wait.

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