Saturday, April 29, 2023
Sea of Galilee

3:38 pm

We had an early end to this day. Sweet.  By this stage in the tour, having a few hours down is a blessing. So, I’m sitting on my bed getting an early start on the day’s journal. I can see the Sea of Galilee, with the Golan Heights beyond. I will surely miss this view when we head south in the morning.

It’s been an interesting day so far. The day started with wet streets, but not rain. We were on the bus by 7:45 and headed out to Capernaum. It was dry when we arrived, so we had a lovely time visiting Peter’s mother-in-law’s home. And then the synagogue (best description I’ve had) and then the archeological discoveries. It was a coolish morning, and we had some time down at the shore. We headed back to the bus as sprinklers began – and we barely made it to the bus before it was actual rain.

It poured all the way to Bethsaida, our second stop of the day. By the time we arrived at an empty Bethsaida, we decided to begin the explanation I the busy (where there was no rain). But, really, we could have gotten out of the bus for the explanation. In a couple of minutes, we could leave the bus and walk through the site. There are some new things to see at Bethsaida, like a city wall which pre-dates the first century. At the lookout we read some basic texts about Bethsaida, including the feeding of the five thousand.

We walked around the back side of the dig and to the bus.  It was time to head to Korazin. And guess what? The rain came again and accompanied us to Korazin.  But, as we approached the site, it stopped.  Sweet.

We had a quick tour of the site, which included the best-preserved olive press I’ve ever seen.  Interesting. So, we started the day visiting the three cities cursed by Jesus because of their lack of faith in the face of all the miracles by the Savior. Those are powerful sites as places who received so much revelation but had such little response and belief in Jesus.
Back on the bus and headed down the hill to the Mt. of Beatitudes. It might have rained on the way (if things went to pattern) but I just can’t remember. We arrived before noon at the church and had an opportunity to do a church visit. Then we met outside in the garden to read the text from Matthew 5, followed by some quiet reflection time. This is a great day (again) so far.

We made a change in plans (because of lunch timing) we headed up to Mt. Arbel before lunch. It wasn’t raining, but it was certainly windy as we got out of the bus. It was a nice walk to the lookout. It was very windy at the promenade, but the combination of the wind and earlier rain had cleared out the valley and we could see all around the Sea of Galilee. It was beautiful and special. We walked through some Scriptures and sang “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” Special moments.
A slow and contemplative walk back to the bus and on to lunch. We ate back in Migdal (it was nice, but pricey). Then back to the hotel and some rest (and I guess work…ha). Dinner is at 7. Bags out at 6:30 am in the morning.  Our time left in Galilee is short.  That is sad.

By the way, there’s been a lot of wind as I typed. Some sprinkles. And….a lovely rainbow over the Golan Heights. Wow.

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