8:08 pm
Petra, Jordan

The feet and the joints are very sore and tired today.  19,415 steps – 8.54 miles  So some extra desserts were on the menu for dinner – and the two tables of desserts didn’t disappoint. 

We began the day down south in Aqaba.  We left at 8:30 (or so) from the hotel and drove thru Aqaba a bit and then headed north.  It was a little more than two hour drive through the edges of the Wadi Rum.  It was a little hazy, but still some amazing landscapes.  One of these tours will have to include a night in the Wadi Rum.  That would be interesting.

We arrived in Petra just after 11 am.  The bus parked and we got going.  Ruby took us thru the new visitor’s center.  It was good to get a lot of the basics while enjoying the air conditioning.  It was not a horribly hot day (as I expected) – but it was hot.  There was often a lovely breeze to cool things off.  But in the direct sun, it was still just hot.

We soon began our way into Petra itself.  We didn’t have many guiding stops (we’d had most of the info in visitor’s center), so that was nice.  We are a fairly independent group, and many just went on their own pace.

There were a lot of people visiting Petra today, but only at a few bottlenecks was it really crowded.  It opens up nicely most of the time.  Ruby got us through the site, at least the highlights.

Six people (Paul/Margaret, Bart/Elise, Brett/Nanette) went off to The Monastery after lunch.  They made it up in about half an hour – which is fast.  The goal was for the bus to leave at 5, and they made it back, not leaving until 2 for that bonus hike.  They booked it – and wore themselves out. The rest of us made our own way back to the bus.  I took my time.  Everyone was on the bus by 5 (or very close to that).  That’s pretty good.

Our hotel was about 10-15 minutes away from Petra, and we made it easily there.  This is a great property.  Modeled after a Nabatean village – they are bungalows and stone cottages spread out everywhere.  And the food?  It is amazing.  Two tables of deserts and enough choices everywhere to keep everyone happy.  Besides, the sunset was stunning, and it has cooled off nicely now.

Tomorrow we head back to the Dead Sea and another resort.  We will leave on time so that we can enjoy the amenities of that hotel.  We’ll be on our way home soon, so it will be nice to relax a little.  We’ll tour on Wednesday and the pack up.  Again.  For the last time.

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