We have arrived safely in Israel. The overnight in London was fabulous! The flight to London a little rough, but we made it safely. Some enjoyed time in Westminster Abbey or the British Museum or the Albert and Victoria Museum. Some of us enjoyed some delicious fish ‘n chips (others a burger!). But the stop in London was a wonderful treat to begin the
A view from our hotel.

We made it to our hotel about 5 pm on Thursday. Some of us walked along the shoreline as the sun set. It was a bit breezy and cool, but a lovely afternoon in Israel. No rain is in the forecast, which is great for us.

Dinner was, as usual, a delicious buffet. After breakfast in the morning we will head to Caesarea! Israelis are celebrating Purim, so there are lots of sounds of fireworks all around us this evening. We are all turning in early this evening to gain strength for our first day of touring in the morning. On to Galiliee!!

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