How could you have a better Friday than a trip through Galilee? You can’t. We saw Caesarea today (and chatted with King Herod and Paul at a special exhibit teaching the history of the site). We visited Mt. Carmel with its breathtaking vistas of the
Jezreel Valley and clear to the Mediterranean Sea. We had great falafels on Carmel. Then headed to Megiddo and the rich history there in the famous tel. We walked through the water tunnel and then headed to Galilee, and our deluxe hotel right on the shore in Tiberius. Great day. Great food. And now we have to get some rest so we can head clear around the Sea of Galilee in the morning. A busy days awaits. But we’d have it no other way!

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Mike Potier says... (Reply)
"Thanks for the update! We are with you in Spirit but wish we were physically there with you!!! May the Lord richly bless your time together as you seek to grow even closer to our Lord and Savior! " (3/9/12)