What a day (or two) we have had in and around Jerusalem. Today the weather did not get any better -- it is bitterly cold and rainy off and on. The Jerusalem Marathon was run today as well, forcing the closure of roads. So we had to make the best of it all. It rain on us a few times -- and now back in the hotel it is pitch black from rain clouds and now pouring.
It is SOOOOO nice to be in a warm dry place.

Today, we started the day with the Holocaust and ended with death/resurrection of Jesus in the Garden Tomb. In between we visited the Shrine of the Book and the model of first century Jerusalem.

The out to Herodium in a really wet and cold and windy visit to Herod's largest palace. It is always amazing and the view great.

We end in a very wet and cold visit to the Garden Tomb. Always a highlight. The rain should stop tonight and we will spend Saturday in the Old City retracing the last steps of Jesus.

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