It has been a while since I added some news -- and we have made it to Jerusalem. It was a wonderful adventure getting here and the sites we have seen are amazing. We are all healthy and excited to continue our journey together here in Jerusalem.

We have enjoy the Galilee and our descent down the Jordan Valley to En Gedi and Masada. We had a great hike to "David's Waterfall" at En Gedi
. Spectacular. Great hotel at the Dead Sea and delicious food.

Today we visited Masada and Arad and Beersheba -- all highlights on their own. We saw the well that perhaps was dug by Abraham in Beersheba. A temple built in Arad (in sin, by the way) but a temple built to match the size of the Temple in Jerusalem. Amazing.

Now we are up in Jerusalem. It is chilly and breezy -- but we all went to the Western Wall this evening anyway. It was a wonderful welcome to this city.

We are out of the hotel at 7 am tomorrow for our Western Wall Tunnel tour. Whew....long day ahead.

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